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Promoting the Health and Well Being of the Environment


OHA understands the critical importance of minimizing the impacts and of maximizing the opportunities related to the environment through the processes and operations required to produce our products. Since our inception, our team has worked to meet and exceed environmental regulations to prevent and minimize adverse environmental impacts by:


  • Using over-sized hoods for the capture of emissions

  • Using separate bag houses for each furnace

  • Reducing waste emissions and discharges from operations

  • Improving the efficiency of our natural resource consumption


The secondary aluminum market continues to thrive today largely because of the energy savings in the secondary market versus the primary.  The energy required to melt and recover aluminum from scrap and dross is only 5% of that required to produce aluminum from bauxite ore. This 95% energy savings greatly lowers the overall impact of the industry’s operations on the environment.







Owl’s Head Alloys participates in the processing and recycling of almost every grade of scrap aluminum, including traditional sorting, baling, or shearing activities. 


In each area, sophisticated identification, segregation, and manufacturing procedures ensure product quality and consistency.


Additional Materials Include:


  • Extrusion scrap

  • Mixed low copper clips

  • Lithograph sheet

  • Segregated alloy clips

  • New production can scrap (Class 1/2/3/4)

  • Used beverage containers

  • Auto wheels

  • Painted siding

  • Aluminum radiators

  • Fin stock

  • Remelt scrap ingot

  • Old sheet

  • Casting scrap

  • Aluminum turnings

  • Aluminum drosses

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