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Owl’s Head Alloys is a privately-owned company located on a 35-acre state-of-the-art facility in Bowling Green, KY.  We offer an unparalleled commitment to quality and integrity, which provides assurance to our customers that the scrap metal they deliver to OHA for processing will be 100% accounted for and will yield recovery rates well above the industry average. 


We strive to improve total quality on every level by:


  • Providing convenient access to our facility via major roadways and direct rail access on-site

  • Protecting our customers’ valuable assets throughout the entire production process with our system for segregating and maintaining control of scrap materials

  • Avoiding direct competition with our customers by removing ourselves from the business of purchasing or converting of scrap metal for direct sales





Our furnace recoveries have shown steady and consistent annual improvement. Thanks to our 6 Sigma-based quality management system, our capacity now exceeds 300 million pounds per year, and we are growing! We are in the process of planning a future expansion onto an additional 27-acres.

Our Mission


To delight our customers with the highest quality and best service in the industry, without exception.  We will approach every customer with a shared sense of purpose.


Our Core Values



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